How many amps does the fridge use over 24 hours?

Approx 16 Ah per day, with the fridge set to -4 C and an ambient temperature of +25 C

How much is it?

The Bushman SC35-52 is sold as a complete kit, with a large list of standard accessories for $1295 inc GST.

This includes:

• Flat lid

• 7 litre high lid

• 10 litre extension collar

• 3 storage baskets

• External 240 V adapter

• 4 Heavy duty anchor points

• Transit cover

How long is the warranty?

You are covered by an Australia wide warranty for parts and labor. The compressor is guaranteed for 5 years and the fridge 3 years.

Are they manufactured in Australia?

We would love to manufacture the complete fridge in Australia but it is price prohibitive. All tooling for the production of the refrigerator is designed and owned by us here and many of the components are sourced worldwide including from Australia. Final assembly is carried out in China under our supervision, with a full time quality assurance personnel that is employed by us to insure the high standard of manufacture is maintained in accordance with our quality control procedures. Once in Australia each fridge is personally inspected and performance tested prior to sale.

Does it use more power when used as a freezer?

Yes, the compressor runs longer to maintain a lower cabinet temperature.

Is the fridge plastic or steel?

The fridge cabinet is made from powdercoated steel. The lids are polycarbonate and are designed to sit on.

How noisy is the fridge?

The fridge compressor is very quiet. Generally the only audible noise is from the condenser fan. Total noise rating is 35 Decibels.

Can the Bushman run on 24 V?

Yes, the SC35-52 will automatically sense the supply voltage and switch to 24 V.

What happens if the digital thermostat is accidentally damaged or fails?

An override switch is located under the control panel which allows you to run the fridge with the thermostat bypassed.

Is a qualified refrigeration mechanic required to replace the thermostat?

No. The thermostat is a module which can simply by removed and replaced. As there is no 240 V built into the fridge, an authorised electrician is not required for repairs.

Can the 10L extension collar be fitted to my old Bushman?

Yes. The extra collar, baskets and lids are all interchangeable with the original design.

At what angle can the refrigerator operate?

30 degrees.

How long is the 12 V power inlet lead?

2.0 Metres with a wire rating of 16AWG.

What type of fitting does it have?

A basic merit and cigarette lighter fitting is supplied on the standard 12 V lead. We provide genuine Bushman/Anderson plug leads as an accessory.

Can I tie the fridge down using the handles?

No. The handles are only to be used to lift the fridge. When tying the fridge down, always use the tie down brackets which are screwed in behind the handle.

Older model Bushmans with the fold down 'D' type handle are ok to use as tie down points.

Can I reverse the hinging on the lids from one side to the other?

No, this is not a standard feature. However, we know some customers that have made their own modifications to suit.

Is the fridge designed to withstand the rigours of off road use?

Yes. The fridge is robust and strong. The casing is steel, the hinges and lid clasps are also of steel and the lids are made from durable polycarbonate.

The Secop Danfoss compressor is designed and built on 50 years of German compressor technology and has been a proven performer right around the world during this time.