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Roadie 15L

The Drivers Fridge

For truck drivers, farmers, four-wheel drivers & everyone who spends a lot of time behind the wheel or in a vehicle, this fridge is made for you.

With a tall, narrow design, the Roadie is small enough to fit almost anywhere, but big enough to hold everything you need. You can even stand up 1.25L soft drink bottles and fit up to 20 x 375ml cans. This makes it a perfect fridge to keep close and handy in your car, truck or agricultural equipment.

As with all Bushman fridges, the Roadie is best in class. It's made from powder-coated steel for supreme strength, has a premium quality cooling system and is backed up by Bushmans personalised customer service. 

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SC35-52 Thumb

Original Bushman Fridge 35L - 52L

The All Rounder

Discover the amazing versatility of Australia's only extendable fridge. 

• Would you like a compact, 35L fridge for your day to day needs?

• How about a 45L fridge for a weekend away?

• And a 52L fridge for a trip around Oz?

No worries. Check out the photos to see how you can have a 35L, 42L, 45L and 52L fridge in one.

Since 1998 our customers have thrown everything at this fridge. Rain, hail, shine and it’s still going strong. If you want a truly efficient, versatile and reliable fridge that's proven to survive in Australia’s harshest conditions, look no further.

The Original Bushman stands the test of time, 19 years and counting.

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Original Bushman Fridge 35L

Finally, after 19 years, the Original Bushman Fridge is available in just 35L.

We doubt there is a stronger, more powerful or more efficient 35 Litre portable fridge anywhere in Australia.

This is a great size fridge to use as a true deep-freezer or as your daily go-to fridge. At only 380mm high it fits easily in a tight spot, like under a bunk or in the back of a ute with a hard tonneau cover.

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3-Way XD70

3 Way XD70

The Base Camp Fridge

If you like to set up camp for a few weeks at a time in the one spot, this is a great fridge for your longer term storage. Depending on conditions, the XD70 will run for up to a month on a standard 9kg gas bottle. And with 61L of space, you'll have plenty of room for everything.

Our customers have used the three way XD70 extensively on the banks of the Murray, Fraser Island, Stradbroke Island and beyond.  It runs on lpg Gas, 12V, and 240V but requires a stable, level surface to operate, so it’s perfect for those long stints in the one place.

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