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A Simple Fridge is a Good Fridge

What's the right portable fridge for you?

Buying a portable fridge is a big investment.

Here are the Top 7 things to look for.

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LPG Absorption vs DC Compressor

Absorption and Compressor are the 2 main types of low-power cooling systems.

Here we’ll briefly explain each type of cooling system and which situations they are best suited to, so you can make a more informed decision about the best fridge for your needs.

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Secop Danfoss Compressor BD35

Does a caravan fridge need 240V?

Generally not!

DC only fridges are simpler, they run cooler and are less expensive in a variety of ways. Read on to find out why.

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Portable fridges - Is bigger, better?

Is bigger really better...

It depends on who you ask, how often you want to use your new fridge, and where you will be using it. We break it down into 3 main categories: Camping, Caravanning and 4WD.

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My caravan fridge isn't cold enough?

It's a common question.

Here's the simple answer. Absorption fridges are not always the best choice for caravans, RV's and boats.

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