My caravan fridge isn't cold enough?

We get this question every day

From frustrated caravan owners whose LPG, 2-Way or 3-Way fridge just doesn't get cold enough.




If your fridge runs on LPG, it has an Absorption Cooling System which is not always the best choice for mobile situations, like caravans, RV's and boats.  Absorption fridges are primarily designed for fixed, offgrid living as they need the following characteristics to work effectively:

1. A 100% stable and level surface.

2. Extensive and correct ventilation.

3. To be kept away from heat sources (stove, oven). Even sunlight on the outside wall of a caravan will affect its performance.

4. And finally, it must have a "T" Tropical Rating when being used in a cavity. Most absorption fridges are not tropical rated for built-in installations.

The Solution - DC Compressor


The best solution for a caravan is to install a DC compressor fridge. Your experience will be greatly improved as these fridges are designed for built-in installations and mobile use They cool down faster, stay colder and require less maintenance. DC Compressor fridges will also operate effectively on angles up to 30º, while underway and are tropical rated for use in a cavity.


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