3 Way XD70
XD70 Front view
XD70 Control Panel
XD70 Front
Gas Regulator and Hose
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3 Way XD70

3-Way Operation

    • 12 Volt, 240 Volt, LPGas


    • 2 Years Australia Wide

Spring Special Includes

        • Free Gas Regulator
        • Free Stainless Steel LPG Hose
        • Free Shipping

Bushman XD70 3-Way reviews

3 Way XD70

The Base Camp Fridge

If you like to set up camp for a few weeks at a time in the one spot, this is a great fridge for your longer term storage. Depending on conditions, the XD70 will run for up to a month on a standard 9kg gas bottle. And with 61L of space, you'll have plenty of room for everything.

Our customers have used the three way XD70 extensively on the banks of the Murray, Fraser Island, Stradbroke Island and beyond.  It runs on lpg Gas, 12V, and 240V but requires a stable, level surface to operate, so it’s perfect for those long stints in the one place.


It's Tough

    • Steel cabinet
    • Steel carry handles


Super Efficient

      • Runs for up to a month on a std 9kg propane gas bottle
      • Extra thick 80mm insulated walls
      • Use as a fridge or freezer on 240V or LPGas


Easy to use

        • Piezo ignition
        • Flame indicator
        • Lift out & sliding basket



Av 285g LPG over 24 hours


150 Watts
12 V DC or 240 V AC
Draws 0.625 A @ 240 V
Draws 12.5 A @ 12 V

Note, for 12V operation heavy duty wiring is required.

External Measurements

L 655 x W 515 x H 685 (mm)
Weight 37kg
Volume 61L

Internal Measurements

L 500 x W 250 x H 490 (mm)